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Air temperature norms between 22 and 32 degree Celsius with little one-year and diurnal scopes [ 1 ]. However, some critics believe that traditional houses are not suitable for big urban cities.

Give reasons for your choice. It is a place Traditional house essay which human beings enjoy the happiness, love and affection, comfort, entertainment and indulge in various activities they like. Furthermore, all of the goods and stuff are covered by dust which really bothered my grandmother because the wall and ceiling were made by wood and clay.

But, there will also Traditional house essay be a reliant that revels in innovation that is accepting by the change. There will always be a part of the society that prefers the old rather than the new, that believes the best art has already been accomplished.

This is a difference of opinions. Modern architecture can be some of the most colourful, innovative and futuristic designs ever. First of alltraditional living builds long term relations and understanding. Darling Average American home suits less than three people, but you can never guess that from the configuration and size of most of the new houses.

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Darling But with a more modern touch we might be able to get there with complexity and less cost. The modern houses are drawn in the way that people have the best equipment. It must also afford facilities and opportunities to individuals to participate in activities that require peace and concentration: It is also described as enclosure having four walls, to provide shelter to human beings and animals from the adversities of environment Traditional house essay ravages of weather.

While ,it is easy to live in an apartment and pay the monthly rent. For instance, in my grandmother house, I remember that the restroom was in the yard and we compeled to go yard even in the winter or at night. Proximity to the sea and an equatorial location generate a warm and humid clime.

After thatit is also observed that apartments are insecure. Definations "A house is a shelter consisting of walls, floors, doors, windows; roof etc. I believe to certain extent that traditional home is a better choice than living in an apartment building. A little catalyst never hurt anybody. For illustration the house orientation.

Darling When it comes to the designing of a house, the number of people who live inside a house should be put into account.

Hire Writer The probe was carried out through observations. A comprehensive research was accomplished on the version of Malay house architecture elements with selected the Selangor traditional Malay house as the key survey and one modern edifice which is the Ministry of Energy.

Modern architects created pronounced details and building systems that focused on machine manufacturing and making. This survey is important to resuscitate the consciousness in the apprehension and grasp of the technique of thermic comfort design elements of traditional Malay house adapted into modern edifice design.

I Personally, I admire modern architecture. Same thing applies when comes to buildings. Site observation provides the primary informations for the survey since it is first manus information gained through this analysis.

This procedure of placing the thermic comfort design elements is important to understand how the common architecture was built in deep apprehension of Malayan equatorial clime and how Malayan interior decorators and designers today re-adapted the thermic comfort design elements into new modern edifice in order to keep the thermic comfort of the edifice residents.

Darling Modern architecture in somehow seems to understand and accept a larger and different variety of lifestyles. Darling Also, depending on the climate and the available local materials buildings being designed belong in the place they are built in regardless of what they may look like.

I find inspiration and pleasure in pieces that represent the modernism of their creation.In the traditional Malay house, there are more voids than mass and it is a lightweight construction using natural materials to cater the local climate. The natural materials define as low thermal capacity materials and it is a very good in insulating.

Essay topics: Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Submitted by saharpouya on Wed, 11/06/ - The modern houses are more convenient than those are old.

Traditional Malay House: The traditional Malay house is one of the richest constituents of Malaysia’s cultural heritage. A house was designed and built by the users themselves – the Malays in Malaysia – Corresponding Writer.

Nov 02,  · Your essay is words long, which is almost enough for Task 1 IELTS (you would lose a half a band or even more if you write fewer than words), but I notice you haven't finished Paragraph 3 yet.

Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or. In Choga house, there is Korean ancestors wisdom, Korean Traditional House: Grass Roofed House In Korea there was a traditional house called ‘Choga house’ which ‘Choga’ means grass roof and it had a lot of benefits for poor people. It is made of red clay so it was cool in summer and warm in winter.

Traditional Malay House: The traditional Malay house is one of the richest components of Malaysia’s cultural heritage. A house was designed and built by the users themselves – the Malays in Malaysia – Corresponding Author.

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