The intouchables a film of true humanity

The reason of this choice is smoothly handled by the script: The primary reason I can see for this is that as you watch The Intouchables you can feel your buttons being pushed.

Did they feel there was more comedy in a black character than an Arab character? Albeit, the main reason why the film doesnt soar towards greater heights is the fact that the real Driss is called Abdel, he is an Arab and not a man of an African descent. So we can presume the scene where he breaks up a sleepy chamber-music concerto by throwing on some seventies funk and expertly diddley-bopping across the marble floor, electrifying the room, is maybe a wee bit of a stretch.

The intouchables a film of true humanity is an art like any other, it travels the world as it is Driss Omar Sy on the other hand, is physically able, he is black, unemployed, thinks music is only for dancing and his sexuality is overt. The joker starts a snowball fight.

This is a story about humanity and the best relationship two human beings can ever share friendship. Their story is almost like a romantic-comedy, the way they meet, the fashion in which their story progresses, it seems like fate is bringing them together.

Emotionally touched, Philippe looks through the window and sees Driss outside, smiling at him.

Intouchables: A fairy-tale version of the truth

Yes you could still make a case for racial stereotyping here. I will be recommending this film to everyone, and seriously hoping it will be released in the UK soon enough for me to see it again! Wearing a hoodie, shouting out orders, the street tough demands to get his insurance card stamped so he can continue collecting unemployment.

These are two heterosexual men who develop a bond of companionship. Anybody can do it blindfolded. Gradually, Philippe is led by Driss to put some order in his private life, including being stricter with his adopted daughter Elisa. There are reasons why it could have been a great film but its not.

You would expect it to be a film about a man with his hand stuck in a canyon, or a man defeating cancer and appreciating the gift of life. The film ends with shots of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel Sellou, the people on whom the film is based, together on a hillside, reminiscent of the paragliding scene earlier in the film.

They share shenanigans, outwit the law, become buddies … complete each other. Yvonne becomes worried and contacts Driss, who arrives and decides to drive Philippe in the Maseratiwhich brings the story back to the first scene of the film, the police chase.

Probably even a sports film about the worst team ever that becomes the best team ever. There has been an interesting discrepancy between the public response to this film, which has been huge, and the critical response, which has been lukewarm.

Cluzet, who is a dead ringer for Dustin Hoffman, has the added hurdle of being restricted to only acting from the neck up, but he manages to brilliantly embody the frustrations of a man trapped in a useless body. Both are in the same wavelength.

Philippe agrees with Driss to send a photo of him in a wheelchair to her, but he hesitates and asks his aide, Yvonne, to send a picture of him as he was before his accident. Despite being uninterested in the job and his lack of professional experience, Driss does well caring for Philippe, even if his methods are unconventional.

The success of the film lies in how it doesnt become what it could have been. The Intouchables is a film inspired by true life events but it isnt about underdogs or triumph of the human spirit. I was sure I would dislike it, figuring the movie manipulated viewers through the overused device of the improbable friendship.

Seriously, this is getting old The way handicap is approached never flirts with an exaggerated pathos, nor the opposite, which is the most intelligent achievement. Story continues below advertisement Except, sorry to be a party pooper, Driss in real life was an Arab gnome, not a grooving black stallion.

Of course, every film manipulates your emotions. Philippes hesitant chuckles which burst into laughter, while Driss is being himself.In this way, both films project a gratifying sense of some fundamental unity of our society, and the resolution of class conflicts — of racial conflict as well in The Intouchables.

Both films leave us feeling that we’re all in it together and that our common humanity transcends class, economic disparities, and contrasts in opportunity.

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May 25,  · Omar Sy, left, and François Cluzet become best pals in spite of their many differences in “The Intouchables.” Credit Weinstein Company “Les Intouchables,” having broken box office records in France, arrives in the United States with a faithfully translated title — “The Intouchables” — that is not quite English.

Jul 13,  · The Intouchables is a film inspired by true life events but it isnt about underdogs or triumph of the human spirit.

This is a story about humanity and the best relationship two human beings can ever share friendship/5(). The Intouchables is a French comedy-drama film directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano.

Review – The Intouchables (2011)

It stars François Cluzet and Omar Sy, and is a deeply moving movie, filled with many tender but also humourous moments. Based, loosely, on a true story (though we’ve seen similar concepts before in films like Driving Miss Daisy and Scent of a Woman), this story of a friendship that transcends socio-economic, class and race barriers makes you see the potential for good in humanity.

That’s why people have responded so strongly to it. “The Intouchables” is the kind of movie you can’t stop talking about, that you must tell everyone who will listen to go see. It’s why we’re bringing you into the loop.

Oh, and we’ve rationalized that “The Intouchables” is an adaptation of sorts: an adaptation of a true story.

The intouchables a film of true humanity
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