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Instead of feeling anger, she pitied the Germans, sorrowful that they were so blinded by hatred. He would eventually die from his illness in Corrie also learned that her nephew, Kik, The hiding place been captured while working with the Dutch underground.

The Hiding Place: The Triumphant True Story of Corrie Ten Boom

It was later made into a The hiding place of the same namealong with a comic book adaptation. In every camp, the sisters used a hidden Bible to teach their fellow prisoners about Jesus. He had been killed, though the family did not learn of this until Corrie arrived back in the Netherlands by January Corrie ten Boom was already in her mid-seventies when the Sherrills first heard about her.

The entire ten Boom family was arrested, along with the shop employees, though the Jews managed to hide themselves in the secret room. In the preface to the book, the Sherrills recount: It was later learned he had died ten days later. Moreover, it was unlikely that her family would get away The hiding place helping Jews for long, as they had nowhere to hide them.

Casper lived with his unmarried daughters Corrie the narrator and a watchmaker herself and Betsiewho took care of the house. A coded letter from Nollie revealed that the hidden Jews were safe. Casper was in his mid-eighties by this time, and a Nazi official offered to let him go, provided he made no more trouble.

Corrie, who had grown to think of herself as a middle-aged spinster, found herself involved in black market operations, using stolen ration cardsand eventually hiding Jews in her own home. She later learned that her sister was being held in another cell, and that, aside from her father, all other family members and friends had been released.

Corrie was later released because of a clerical error, but she was forced to stay in a hospital barracks while recovering from edema. The conditions there were hellish; both Corrie and Betsie were forced to perform back-breaking manual labor. I hope in thy word Corrie was horrified to see how ill Willem was, as he had contracted jaundice in prison.

The title refers to both the physical hiding place where the ten Boom family hid Jews from the Nazisand also to the Scriptural message found in Psalm As it turned out, the man was a spy, and the watch shop was raided. Then, inthe Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Betsie, whose health was starting to fail, was sent to work sewing prison uniforms.

Casper did not agree to this, and was shipped to prison. It was a constant struggle for Corrie to keep the Jews safe; she sacrificed her own safety and part of her own personal room to give constant safety to the Jews.

Eventually, both Nollie and Willem married. Willem, a minister in the Dutch Reformed Churchbrought a Jewish man, who had just escaped from Germany, as a guest.The Hiding Place is a story about how the depths of faith and spirituality can get a person through even the darkest nightmare.

Corrie ten Boom and her family led the Dutch Underground during the Nazi occupation of Holland, aiding and hiding Jewish people in a secret room in their home above their watchmaker shop/5.

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When the Nazis invaded Holland, Corrie ten Boom's quiet life turned into a nightmare. Because she made her home a "hiding place" for Jews, she and her family were sent to a concentration camp.5/5(42). Feb 15,  · Suspected of hiding Jews & caught breaking rationing rules, they are sent to a concentration camp, where their Christian faith keeps them from despair and bitterness.

Betsie eventually dies, but Corrie survives, and after the war, must learn to love and forgive her former captors/10(K). The Hiding Place and millions of other books are available for instant access.

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The hiding place
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