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When the club owner tries to short them, Ray successfully threatens him with a gun.

A truck nears carrying the new Review notes frozen river home. Because the police are demanding a scapegoat, the tribal head decides to excommunicate Lila for five years due to her smuggling history which involved the death of her Mohawk husband.

The Review notes frozen river women abandon the vehicle and take refuge at the Indian reservation. Searching for her husband, she sees his car being driven away by an obese young Review notes frozen river woman.

Very little is seen about the working class who are almost penniless but just manage to get by with their daily struggle and a thankless job. They pick up two Asian women from a strip club for crossing. The sparse digital photography suits the icy environment of the film and the growing friendship between the Ray and Lila is developed well.

In the States, with Ray as driver, the suspicions of the state troopers that Lila would arouse are allayed. The people smuggling aspect of Frozen River is simply a device to bring Ray and Lila together and develop dramatic tension.

However, overall the audience are encouraged to care only about whether or not Ray and Lila get caught. Lila has also been deserted by her husband and has trouble holding down a job and supporting her baby who is being cared for by her mother-in-law.

Also, by not labouring the issue, Frozen River should be commended for its depiction of the strained but not hopeless relationship between white Americans and American Indians.

She has chosen a very minimal approach e. Writer-director Hunt also makes her mark on the film, and her commentary on the DVD is a great discussion of the high-level ideas that lie under her script and the more direct concerns of the challenges in making her film with a minimal budget and rushed schedule.

First timer Courtney Hunt does a fabulous job as writer and director. Families can talk about the complex circumstances and characters of the film. In a day scene, T. Melissa Leo finally gets a role that explores her acting capability to the fullest.

She hopes to provide enough to raise her son who is in the custody of her mother-in-law. Add your rating See all 2 kid reviews. While Frozen River revolves around the kind of moral, ethical, and financial questions rarely seen in film -- and does so through rich, real characters -- it also has a strong element of suspense and tension, mixing a socially-conscious drama with the tension and thrills of a crime film.

However, running through the woods, Ray has a fit of conscience and returns. Frozen River is principled but never preachy, engaging but never anything less than superbly entertaining. A few weeks later Wilson read a news report about Mohawk Indians moving in on some nearby ground they claimed as theirs.

Soon, the two women make an agreement and an alliance, each needing the other to earn much-needed money. The snowy landscape is beautiful but at the same time scary who would dare drive over a frozen river?

Frozen River

However, their problems escalate when they are asked to smuggle a Pakistani couple and Ray, fearful their duffel bag might contain explosives, leaves it behind in sub-freezing temperatures, only to discover it contained their infant baby when they arrive at their destination.

What lets Frozen River down is its troubling attitude towards the illegal immigrants that Ray and Lila take across the border. When she is re-entering her car, the irate club owner retaliates by shooting Ray in the ear.

The two women are first mutually suspicious, then cautiously trusting partners in crime working as people-smugglers, driving Asian aliens hidden in the car boot across the frozen and unpatrolled St Lawrence into America. While Loach did not flinch from depicting the devastating results of exploiting illegal immigrants, Hunt has little interest in exploring the moral complexities of what Ray and Lila do.

Then matters get even worse on that inevitable "last job":Review. Frozen River is unusually crafty for a Sundance-heralded socially conscious regional indie drama. After some evocative images (blue-gray ice, bridge to Canada, close-up of Melissa Leo.

Frozen River is a American crime drama film written and directed by Courtney Hunt. Critical reception was very positive and the film received an aggregate of 87% on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes and a collective score of 82 on Metacritic.

Jun 22,  · "Frozen River" Movie Preview Trailer A woman on New York's Mohawk Reservation takes up illegal-immigrant smuggling to survive. Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release.

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Aug 14,  · In detail after detail, "Frozen River" is the story of two lives in economic emergency, and two women who are brave and resourceful and ready to do what's necessary. It doesn't play sides. It isn't about illegal aliens or smuggling.4/4. Film review – Frozen River () Frozen River is a decent independent film from debut writer/director Courtney Hunt.

Notes on film: Imitation of Life Film review - Hugo () Film Analysis Handbook. Essential Guide to Understanding, Analysing and Writing on. Frozen River is the story of Ray Eddy, an upstate New York trailer mom who is lured into the world of illegal immigrant smuggling when she meets a Mohawk girl who lives on a reservation that 88%.

Review notes frozen river
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