Psychology theoretical orientation essay

In theoretical terms, it seems vitally important in this context to combine a relationship-based approach within a framework of special psychoanalytic psychopathology with an updated view of processes of mourning and affective loss.

This approach focuses on identifying, challenging, and adjusting maladaptive thoughts of clients. Ideally, the triad of affect, behavior, and cognition should be addressed, although the order in which they are addressed is the main difference between the most popular theories.

Again, what I like to see is YOU. The role of the therapist is to help the client discover new perspectives of viewing their situation Allen As discussed earlier, some graduate programs are guided by the theoretical orientations of faculty.

CBT has been empirically proven as an effective therapy for treating other disorders besides those that are anxiety-based, such as depression and other mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, substance abuse, eating disorders, marital problems, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This is Psychology theoretical orientation essay a client is Psychology theoretical orientation essay aware that they are not alone to face their problems, but now they have the strength of another person to guide them through their journey.

All of these people know the treatment plan and hold the author accountable for her part in staying well.

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Behavioral Therapy Across the Spectrum. The author also believes that the past informs our present and even our future. Our internship involves a lot of writing—initial assessments, evaluations, therapy notes, emails, and more.

Developing a Personal Theoretical Orientation as a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

It is these frames that the therapist wants to change. The other internship faculty members do, too. Throughout this paper, I have tried to accurately portray the foundation of my theoretical orientation. The author would like to be theoretically consistent but technically eclectic.

There are many disabled people and many able people too that struggle differentiating between a thought in the feeling. I believe the use of the prior concept is essential in helping a client solve their problems.

Theoretical Orientation Essays (Examples)

In taking a directive approach Psychology theoretical orientation essay therapy, I tend to lean towards the brief therapy model. Those people, who do blame their actions on others, seem to use it as a defense mechanism to evade their problems.

The last aspect of brief therapy that I really like is the concept of under-responsibility and over-responsibility. Faculty that support an Psychology theoretical orientation essay approach play an important role in helping students obtain field experiences where they can combine different therapeutic techniques with clients.

The therapist is a psycho-educator who is an active enforcer and a guide for the client and his treatment plan. Both the client and the therapist take an active role in monitoring the results and efficacy of the treatment. Clients that display any of these problems may be very defensive or uncomfortable discussing these issues with a therapist.

Possibly because some cultures are not interested in delving into the past, but rather want to go straight to the point and fix whatever is wrong. Equally important, students may gravitate towards an integrative approach, which blends two or more single theoretical modalities.

A valuable feature of CBT is the demystification of the therapy process. Considering this fact, students should consult faculty members to learn if the psychology department approves or disapproves of theoretical integration among students. Program School of Psychology.

A great way of doing this is by restating or paraphrasing what the client says. This type of response by a therapist can serve as a strong motivating force for further achievement by the client.

The author also strongly believes in the power of choice and in being a part of a collaborative effort that involves the therapist, a physician, and a solid support system.

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology Ph. There seems to be a CBT technique for almost every occasion. This is where homework comes into play.

However, some people get caught up in who they would like to be idealized selfrather than who they really are real self Allen When treating clients, CBT is symptom focused and acknowledges their underlying precursors while remaining in the present.

There are several techniques that I find important in developing this bond such as: If a person does not take responsibility for their own actions, than the effectiveness of therapy greatly decreases.Theoretical integration However, working strictly within the framework of a single theory may not provide counselors and therapists with the therapeutic flexibility to account for the complexities of human behavior, especially when the range of client types and this was the problems are taken into consideration One reason for integration is the.

Developing a Personal Theoretical Orientation as a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student Micere S. Oden, M.S A significant component of graduate training in Clinical Psychology Ph.D.

and Psy.D programs is students acquiring knowledge of numerous psychological theories linking theory with. Theoretical orientation towards psychology is an important part of counseling.

A counselor must excel in at least one of the orientations but must have substantial training in all of them.

- Theoretical Studies Essay Theoretical Studies is a wide array of academic courses, which employ the customary techniques of lecture, discussion, written examinations and research papers, which are designed to lead the students in the subjects of mathematics, and the social and natural sciences.

My personal theoretical orientation to counseling is Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy helps the client to uncover and alter distortions of thought or perceptions which may be causing or prolonging psychological distress.

I consider my personal theory of counseling ever changing and integrative in the approach. I am open to various ways of implementing diverse theories and techniques and experienced that clients can benefit from a variety of ways in conducting therapy.

Psychology theoretical orientation essay
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