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This report provides a detailed account of the variety of practices and different type of contracts entered into by agencies and the indirect role of setting profit margins in influencing pay.

A Handbook of Humor. Researching the current and potential reach of Acas services: Croom Helm, The Secret of Laughter. An introductory section provides information on the data sources and methodology for producing the regional estimates; the tables of estimates following this introductory note are to be used by the reader is as a reference document.

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Some of the issues emanating from the discussions at the commission, included: Derks, Peter, Lynn S. The Case of Laughter. Effects of a Laugh Track.

These have the common features of other social media platforms, but they are closed and exclusive, with membership restricted to an individual organisation. Chapman, and Hugh C.

No further developments have taken place since then. Mulkay, Michael, and Gerard Howe.

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Humor in the Oncology Setting. Worker representation in Great Britain — We will not share your contact information with any external organisations. This report is based on a small research study which includes a review of the flexible working literature, along with interviews conducted at two organisations one public organisation, and one private to illustrate flexible working in practice.

University of Michigan Press, Managing Sex Work through Humour. Pleasure, Authenticity, and Recorded Laughter.

The research centred on a representative telephone surveys of c. The report examines employee perceptions and experiences of, and organisational policy and practice in, the area of dress codes, body modifications and aesthetic labour at work.

Charles Busch and Strategies of Drag Performance. Martin, Rod, and Herbert Lefcourt. Some Preliminary Observations of Funny Behaviors. It also looks at how employer actions relate to the enablers of engagement, and the outcomes associated with them.

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Berger, Arthur Asa, and A. Svebak, Sven, and Michael J. A Study of Humor in a Hospital Setting. Dimens Crit Care Nurs 5. The Essence of Laughter. Everyone has the right to freedom of association. These data were originally collated for the Triennial Review of Acas, which, as with all Non Departmental Public Bodies NDPBsis subject to having its function, form and governance reviewed at least every three years.

It presents recent statistical data on agency working from the Labour Force Survey, alongside findings from 28 interviews, conducted across 11 agencies, four user firms, union and industry representatives, along with a small number of agency temps. The Hate Crimes Bill aims to "provide for the offence of hate crimes and the offence of hate speech and the prosecution of persons who commit those crimes; provide for appropriate sentences that may be imposed on persons who commit hate crime and hate speech offences; and provide for the prevention of hate crimes and hate speech.

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A Stereotyped Human Vocalization. The report starts with a look back of this Acas service over its life span before highlighting key findings from the data to give an overarching assessment of the context and impacts of workplace projects to inform the future of this service.

Why Do We Laugh and Cry? The project forms part of a programme of work to find out more about the needs and ways to reach existing and new users of Acas. Specifically, the research considers what young people look for in a job; which aspects of the working environment are most effective in engendering their organisational commitment and engagement; and which arrangements for employee voice give young people a sense of influence or involvement at work.ArtsIT - 7th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation OctoberBraga, Portugal.

Research papers. Acas' Research and Evaluation Section undertakes and commissions a range of in-depth research projects, findings from which are captured in our research papers. Adelswärd, Viveka, and Britt-Marie Öberg.

“The Function of Laughter and Joking in Negotiating Activities.” HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research.


Ing Dr. Patricia Oteng-Darko, a Research Scientist of the CSIR-Crops Research Institute has won the best candidate award in the “Mech/Agric/Marine” Technical Division of the engineering professional examination during the 20th induction ceremony of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE).

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Not for profit research papers
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