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Petit was a French street performer who had previously walked between the steeples of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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One hundred and forty feet across to the other tower, a quarter of a mile into the sky, he walked, danced, ran, knelt and even lay down for a rest above New York City.

In addition to making animated films, he began drawing cartoons, and Elizabeth Levy eventually approached him to illustrate Mordicai gerstein mystery Something Queer Is Going On.

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Mordicai gerstein Gerstein recounts the story thoroughly. He awoke Mordicai gerstein the middle of the Mordicai gerstein, needing to pee, and called for his father, who then carried him through the house to the bathroom. The book became a series, and Gerstein fell in love with illustrating.

In The Night World, the series of events plays out quite differently. The story concludes with a ghostly image of the World Trade Center and the line, "Now the towers are gone. Using a bow and arrow, a partner on the opposite tower shot a strong line over, and they strung a cable five-eighths of an inch thick between the skyscrapers.

Gerstein had never considered himself as a writer and had no idea how to go about crafting a narrative. Witnesses on the ground, Petit on the wire, aerial views from above, and policemen on the rooftops shouting through bullhorns add to the visual splendor.

When Petit finished his hour on the wire, he was arrested and sentenced to performing for children in the park, which he happily did. On that journey, Gerstein was concerned by how different everything looked in the dark. Now, over 70 years later, he still remembers the events of that year almost exactly.

He attended art school intending to become a painter but ended up taking a job as an animator after graduation. It was an incredible, inspiring, poetic and illegal act. A boy, awoken by his cat, moves through the pre-dawn darkness of his home—a journey Gerstein renders almost entirely in grey and black.

The colors employed are rich and satisfying, from the nighttime hues of the city sky to the fiery red of torches being juggled. It was many years before he started writing his own stories, however. Though Gerstein enjoys the thrill and relative newness of writing, illustrating remains a vital part of his process.

When the sun came up the following day, Philippe Petit began his short walk in a high place. Strange as it sounds, this ability has come in handy during his decadeslong career as a writer and illustrator. On the cusp of his 80th birthday, Gerstein still finds this process exciting.

Gerstein describes painting and writing as the process of finding the story in the pages.During Mordicai Gerstein’s fifth year of life, he started kindergarten, his little brother was born and he faced a whole range of other experiences and changes for the first time.

Written and Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein. Winner of the Caldecott Medal. The Night World by Mordicai Gerstein To help put the right book in each reader's hands, consider the following comprehensive text complexity analyses within your instructional plans.

Gerstein describes Pan as the “silliest” of the Greek gods and therefore the “perfect deity for kids, because, though fully grown, at heart he was one of them.”. Inspired by the true story of Philippe Petit, a young French aerialist, and his daring high wire walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Caldecott Medalist Gerstein (The Man Who Walked Between the Towers) lifts two everyday miracles up for celebration—the way that night transforms objects into unfamiliar forms and shadows, and.

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