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Unlike Greek tragedies, Riders to the Sea deals with the sufferings of a common human being named Maurya who is the head of an Irish peasant-cum fisherman family.

Only what happen in one day are shown on the stage and the events that occurred earlier are reported on the stage—which is a basic requirement of ancient plays. No man Literary elements riders of the sea all can be living for ever, and we must be satisfied.

The blending of modern and classical elements in this play has made it a unique drama in the history of world literature. With reference to this excellent play, there is something about watching the heartbroken Maurya acknowledge the death of all of her sons thanks to the sea at the end that resonates with our sensibilities.

What more can we want than that? Simply we can say that Riders to the Sea is a modern tragedy in classical settings and with classical overtones. It is just such a tale, which there seems no valid reason for doubting, that Synge heard, and that gave the title, "Riders to the Sea", to his play.

This ancient belief in the malevolence of the dead and the threat they constitute to the living led to the placing of heavy stones on graves in the hope that the spirit of the dead would not be able to get out and haunt the living.

There is something about seeing characters in front of you and how they respond to tragedies that allows us to connect with drama in a way that we are not necessarily able to do with prose or poetry. He went on to spend the summers from to there.

The scene of "Riders to the Sea" is laid in a cottage on Inishmaan, the middle and most interesting island of the Aran group.

The play is not a political parable, but it had a significant political impact. Note what she says: But the story of a modern play is communicated to the audience not only through the speeches of characters but also through different symbols and images.

He dies, and then it is the virtue in life of the women mothers and wives and sisters to be great in their loneliness, great as Maurya, the stricken mother, is great in her final word. In fact everything that is kept on the stage has the role of a character to develop the story of a modern play.

It is their virtue in life to be lonely, and none but the lonely man in tragedy may be great. The Colonial Image Refuted Riders to the Sea is a tragedy portraying the sort of poor Irish peasant family which had previously supplied material for comedies on London stages. While Greek tragedies dealt with the sufferings of high-born people, modern tragedies deal with the sufferings of common people.


While Synge was on Inishmaan, the story came to him of a man whose body had been washed up on the far away coast of Donegal, and who, by reason of certain peculiarities of dress, was suspected to be from the island. Maurya returns home claiming to have seen the ghost of Michael riding behind Bartley and begins lamenting the loss of the men in her family to the sea, after which some villagers bring in the corpse of Bartley.

This shows the audience that her presentiments and fears were justified; it demonstrates the struggle with the elements and the cycle of Literary elements riders of the sea the ancient ritual of the community in the face of death; the stoic resignation and strength of the old woman.

There is a wonderful beauty of speech in the words of every character, wherein the latent power of suggestion is almost unlimited. At the end of the play, Mauryadefeated in the war of life, accepts an stoical surrender to fate: Bartley will have a fine coffin out of the white boards, and a deep grave surely.

Paradoxically, Maurya, in her grief at the death of her final son and her discovery about the death of her other son at sea, is liberated. In ancient plays, even in Shakespearean plays, stage-settings or props-management were not much important, having no role at all to develop the story.

At different other stages of the play we come across such symbols and images that contribute to the right mood of the story.

Secondly, Riders to the Sea deals with the classical concept of tragic conflict. It is also the story of those families in other countries where people are helpless like Maurya in the hands of nature.

Considering the aspects discussed above, it can be said that the play Riders to the Sea is a modern tragedy in classical form. Its power is the main theme of the play: Hence the story of Oedipus Rex is the tragic story of a particular king of a particular country, but the story of Riders to the Sea is the story of all families living in the Aran islands.

It could have given the audience a sense of hope: The richness and spirit of the Irish language is recreated in English modelled on Gaelic speech patterns. Therefore, Maurya is not an individual woman here; she is every woman of her community.

Aristotle refered to this as "catharsis," which he said The dominance of the sea: I suppose one way of beginning to answer this question is to focus on the emotion that there is in drama as opposed to other forms of literature.View Essay - Mornic Interesting Literary Elements in the Riders of the Sea from 1 at Strayer University North Charleston campus.

Interesting Literary Elements in the Riders of the Sea Mornic.

What are the themes in Synge's, Riders to the Sea?

Riders Of The Sea Analysis 2 There are several different literary elements that are available to assist in analyzing literature. In J. M. Synge’s () tragic drama Riders of the Sea there are several interesting literary elements throughout.

The dominant theme of Synge's, Riders to the Sea, is fate. The tragedy plays off of ancient Greek tragedies which also deal with fate, such as the tragic drama of Oedipus.

(The name of the. Riders to the Sea was written during what critics refer to as the Irish Literary Renaissance, a period that lasted roughly from to the s (or according to some, until the eve of World War II).

The main figures include Synge, William Butler Yeats, and Sean O’Casey. What elements and qualities make drama unique as a literary form, using Riders to the Sea as an example?Support your claims with examples from the play. Riders to the Sea is a play written by Irish Literary Renaissance playwright John Millington Synge.

It was first performed on 25 February at the Molesworth Hall, Dublin.

Literary elements riders of the sea
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