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It must evidence originality and independent thinking, appropriate form and organization, and a rationale. The student, or another individual acting for the student, should contact Susanne Andrews or Donald Burke to make arrangements for dropping off the thesis to be bound.

Thesis Pick-Up The binding of your thesis copies takes approximately weeks. The review is voluntary, with faculty discretion determining which projects are advanced for review.

Library Policies and Procedures

A normal review will cover the objective areas of form and style, mechanics, and documentation, in addition to ensuring adherence to Title V in the California Code of Regulations for the project as a culminating experience.

Students should always consult their graduate program coordinator for additional regulations and policies. You may order bound copies via the following services: We suggest that you call ahead for a time to ensure staff availability. Collections The University Library is a resource for all, so it is important that users of the collections do not intentionally prevent others from accessing items in the collections.

Specific examples of violations include unauthorized copying of software, downloading and using pirated software, systematically downloading or printing entire journal issues or volumes or large portions of electronic resources.

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The list of supervisors will be published in September-October. When there is high demand for using computers, time limits may be enforced; those not engaged in research or course-related activities may be asked to relinquish their computer to those needing use for research purposes.

Where can I get personal copies printed and bound? Participation also ensures uniformity in the professional presentation of projects. The literature review presents source materials for the project; other studies related to the project; and synthesis of the literature that identifies the various approaches and themes.

University Library Policies

University Library Policies University of California Santa Cruz Library Use Policies As a state-supported public institution, the University Library strives to make the materials in its collections as available as possible to the users in the community and state, while simultaneously fulfilling its primary obligation to the University of California, Santa Cruz UCSC campus and the University of California UC system.

However, departments should determine any specific requirements related to the format of this written product. There will be no oral defense after thesis submission. Computer Use Policy Computers are made available to Library users for purposes of research, instruction, and public service.

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A public presentation can include presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, department colloquia or professional conference. Faculty and students who wish to have a project eligible for digitized collection must process through electronic submission and review as detailed on the DTO web site.

A designated undergraduate thesis course s to be used for enrollment of students completing an undergraduate thesis. Ku academic department can decide whether they would like to offer a university-designated thesis for their students.

Cell Phone Use Cell phone use is permitted in all non-quiet-study areas of the library. This is achieved through completing Step 2 of the electronic submission and review process. Checks should be made payable to: As of April 7,students no longer submit a print archival copy of their graduate thesis or dissertation and the accompanying Thesis Approval Form.The library's thesis policy can be found in this libguide, Thesis Deposit Policy and Guide.

Thesis Guidelines for Library Binding

A university-designated undergraduate thesis is completed by enrolling in a departmental thesis course, doing a research or creative project, creating a written document, presenting about the project, and submitting the thesis to. eResources Policy.

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57th St., Chicago, IL THESIS GUIDELINES for LIBRARY BINDING. Note: The official document Requirements for Theses and Dissertations Requirements for the Preparation of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth can be found via the University's Graduate Studies at UMass Dartmouth web page.

A Thesis Supervisor selected from among the list of available faculty will supervise the thesis. The list of supervisors will be published in September-October. The supervisor is the student’s primary contact during the research and thesis writing period.

University Library Policies. Computer Use Policy. Computers are made available to Library users for purposes of research, instruction, and public service.

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The Library reserves the right to designate specific uses for individual computers. When there is high demand for using computers, time limits may be enforced; those not engaged in.

Library thesis policy
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