Impact of literature

For example, Communist societies were somewhat repressive and for instance Russia did not give great writers like Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov during Impact of literature communistic regime.

To that extend, he is unable to reap the fruits of wisdom, for nothing can substitute it. Besides developing our personality and a value system, it helps us in thinking and acting logically.

She has so many readers and her Impact of literature earned her both money and popularity and if she failed to get warm appreciations of a few lonesome critics she does not have to worry about it. The Gita idolizes Karma duty that is the purpose of our lives. It provides valuable insight into the good things of life and made us aware of the negative aspects.

Thus enabling us to differentiate between good and bad, virtue and evil. Shakespeare was patronized and getting the patronage of kings and emperors people could do creative persuasions. Besides this the classics of William Shakespeare, Rabindra Nath Tagore and Munshi Premchand have bequeathed to us, a wealth of knowledge n such aspects as friendship, virtues, honesty and life itself.

The literary works of great authors have profoundly affected us since times immemorial. With that said, society improves at times through its greatest minds and of course Gorky, Tolstoy, Dickens and then like had great impacts on their societies.

Unfortunately the youth of today, does not read literature except that from textbooks. Today we do not have literary giants the way we had in the past like Shakespeare and other great playwrights.

Impact of Literature on Our Lives

Who cares whether she was a literary giant or not. It is hard to pinpoint but it is society at large that gives birth to literature, art and music. This is due to the overpowering influence of other media, like television, cinema and the Internet of late.

None of the above media touch our life so profoundly as it does. While the Ramayana gives insight to human relationship, on how to treat elders, friends and colleagues. No matter what problems we face, we can derive strength and direction from the thoughts and actions of great sages.

Today literature has a commercial role. Ayn Rand had some impact on American society and,thought and even on American politics.

If writers have to make a living he will be compelled to give up on writing and if he or she is free to work without cares she can do more creative things. They want to be bestsellers. It makes us more humane and virtuous. But her books earned her lots of fortunes and today she is one of the richest women in the world and she does not care whether critics are warm or cold towards her.

It is therefore, without any hesitation we can say, that our lives are profoundly affected by reading literature. Literature is born of social beliefs, thoughts, ideologies, and society is a great river and literature is a rivulet, a tributary and literature gets lots of materials, resources from society.

Reading of literature is important for us, for it gives valuable insights to various facets of life. The Vedas, The Ramayana, Gita, Bible and the Koran are all reat literary works of noble minds, which have spread the light of wisdom since ages.

Story power! The impact of children's literature

People do not care about literary standards or qualities and all they care about is commerce. These provide strength and inspiration to us, in time of a dilemma.

Therefore literature that can entertain people in society and if it can influence the way people think, live the book is successful to that extent and if the book is very great and philosophically more appealing and if they are liked by only a few lone some critics the objective of the book is not done.

Posts Society has great effects on literature, philosophy, or on any genres of art.How Literature Impacts Society Literature has been crucial to communities since language was tailored and used by people as a form of communication.

Literature takes the reader out of their world and brings them into the author’s world.

The intermediate postwar period separated "Modernism" from "Postmodernism" in literature. Literature attained a new maturity and a rich diversity. After the second world war, a new generation arrived, with its different ethnic, regional, and social character.

What is the importance of literature review? the literature review is to ensure that no important variable that has in the past been found repeatedly to have had an impact. Greek literature was so influential that it managed to actually impact our language.

Words like skeleton are derived from ancient Greek because the first texts that wrote about the skeleton were by ancient Greeks. Ancient Greek literature began with epic poetry, lengthy stories about heroes told in verse, like the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer.

From. impact of literature on our lives The word literature means literally ‘letters’, it is on account of this that learned men are referred to as men of letters. Reading of literature is important for us, for it gives valuable insights to various facets of life.

Literature has had a major impact on the development of society. It has shaped civilisations, changed political systems and exposed injustice.

Literature gives us a detailed preview of human experiences, allowing .

Impact of literature
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