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If an individual is behind in the reading development then group reading will prove to be a demanding challenge. When a child is taking section in an activity they will be drawing on every last predicate areas of the development at the same time for representative an activity such as doing a jigsaw tease in a group setting.

Ethnocentrism While people learn the nuances of culture as they grow, they become so accustomed to certain behaviors and norms that they are largely unaware of the extent to which their cultural beliefs shape their lives.

Health also has a significant influence on development. This would leave the child feeling very hurt, embarrassed and he will lose his confidence and self-esteem.

Social, Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities: Good health means an improved quality of life and opportunity to achieve developmental potential.

How Does Culture Influence Lives?

They may also find it difficult to engage in high levels of socio-dramatic play because of difficulty thinking abstractly. This child may also lack exploratory or imitative skills. This will then impact their health, their confidence and their Social skills.

This covers the following areas of development and all are needed to complete the task successfully: Other children may have difficulty concentrating on specific pay activities long enough for real involvement to occur. On the contrary Intellectual development can impact Physical development.

Orderessay If you want to get a full essay, wisit our page: Play typically follows a development progression: A child whose movement is restricted by a health condition such as severe cardiac problems or asthma may tire easily and may engage in motor play in only very limited ways.

The child may need to be taught such adaptations as how to get to materials or how to ask another child to play. If an individual cannot read musical notes then playing an instrument will be somewhat a challenge.

Because most disabilities can have an impact on more than one area of development, it is important to be aware of individual differences in the development and use of play skills.

This will make him feel very upset and frustrated as he is unable to understand the reasons behind it. This successive learning is called cumulative culture. Social and Intellectual development Language delay, a foreign mother tongue or a speech impediment can stop or delay an individual from communicating with others.

This can cause his classmates to be annoyed with him for delaying the class due to his weight and they will bully him for it.

They may even need to be taught specific play skills before they can begin to learn through play. Over time, other societies have improved on those methods to protect against crop failure, pests and other maladies.

She may have difficulty manipulating materials in a constructive or meaningful way. Later studies, however, by Golomb and Stern, Bragdon, and Gordon have failed to confirm these findings. Therefore, people have developed tools and techniques for adapting to their environments, such as learning to hunt, create warm clothing, build fires and construct warm homes.

Many children may have difficulty using pay as a tool for generalizing skills because of their focus on repetitive or stereotypic use of materials. If an individual starts puberty earlier than their peers this could affect their confidence.

The Effect of Disabilities on Play Skills

It also exists in activities like farming, where previous cultures developed ways to produce a sustainable food supply. Opportunities for social play may be limited by this lack of responsiveness.

Dogs, for example, are welcomed into homes as family members in some parts of the world, such as North America. This in turn can lead to progress delay in social and or emotional development as they begin to think negatively about themselves, the task, or their peers: This also has an impact on intellectual development.

A child in a maths class is being asked a timetables question, in order for her to leave the classroom she must get the correct answer from the question. Music, stories and dances are other means of communication that a culture shapes. As you can fall upon if a child is lacking or is delayed in one of the above areas of development then it makes it very punishing for them to complete the task.

In order for the child to work in a group their emotional development needs to be at the expected range so that they are able to sell with not being the only one making decisions. Culture also influences nuances in a language such as accents and regional differences in dialects.

These shared commonalities unite these individuals as a group and help to distinguish them from other groups. Early object exploration techniques, such as putting things in the mouth, may be observed.

The child may have difficulty moving to the materials or areas available for play.Describe, with examples, how different aspects of development can affect one another.

years Social, emotional and behavioural development New born babies often cry Read More. Give Examples of how the different aspects of development can affect each other.

What Factors Affect Child Development?

There is a strong connection between Physical, Intellectual and Social development. The Effect of Disabilities on Play Skills A disability, handicapping condition, or delay can affect how a child plays, the kinds of play the child engages in, and the child's ability to use play as an avenue to learning and generalizing new skills or concepts.

How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another

There are many examples that show how different aspects of development can impact one another. In majority of cases, one aspect will lead to another as a natural result, so for example, if a child has a speaks foreign language as his/her first and family just came to UK to live, this may lead to having language barrier, he/she may become shy, not.

Human Development and Learning – Essay Sample. There are many different theories involving human development and learning, as well as how the two relate to one another. Teachers, parents and even children can benefit from understanding how human development affects learning.

because these are key aspects within human development.

Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another.

Aspects of Child Development •A delay in progress of one or more developmental aspects may result from or lead to delays in others. •A child can only progress when he or she is ready and cannot be pushed. •Another reflex is.

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How different aspects of development can affect one another essay
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