Final exam study questions

Describe three tactics used by the Poletown protesters and explain their impacts or lack of impact on relevant targets.

Final exam study questions (Spring 2000)

Short essay questions preliminary: Describe two examples of government support and two examples of government opposition that were crucial to the success or failure of social movements. Choose three causal process from the three different parts of the course.

What does the evidence in the civil rights movement suggest actually happens?

Final exam study questions

Describe examples from the history of U. In the upper left corner of your computer screen, you will see a numbered grid. Select at least three distinct trends that you feel are important to describe what has been happening in American stratification. Use at least one specific example to illustrate your argument.

For each of these de-emphasized causes, suggest a specific case where Final exam study questions might be a mistake to ignore those factors. Describe three factors that predict which individuals are most likely to join a particular social movement.

Then identify what other factors tend to be ignored or at least de-emphasized by this perspective. You may want to take it before the other practice tests, to see what you need to focus on.

The 60 questions in this Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Mode practice test have been divided among the domains, or categories, in the same way the actual CNA examination is constructed: What are some examples of successful uses of the legal route?

Social movement organizations frequently arise from the remnants of former movements. Movements that endure beyond their principal wave of popularity are often organized in ways that are characteristic of movements surviving in a mostly unsympathetic environment. What are two advantages of a formal, more bureaucratic organization for a social movement?

How did those movements work to get government support? Finally, evaluate the macro-level evidence regarding the macro level explanation. You need to show that you can take a clear position, support it with as many facts and case studies as possible, and acknowledge exceptions to your argument.

Final exam study questions version: Then, describe at least two intervening process that are plausible explanations of why that cause has an effect on that consequence.

Give examples of each strand of movement organization. Explain the role that education plays at the micro individual level in determining different outcomes and accounting for the effects of different origins class, race, and gender. Evaluate whether these same themes are present in current popular culture and what effect that has on the validity of the theory that the origin of social movements is rooted in cultural supports.

Use a specific example to illustrate its weaknesses. Then, review the macro-level evidence whether the micro explanation also works at the macro level? First, describe the changes over time. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of lawsuits as an effective protest tactic. Essay questions One of the most popular explanations of the rise and success of protest movements has been the "resource mobilization" perspective.

What is the evidence? With each question, the squares of the grid will turn green with your correct answers or red with the incorrect ones. Evaluate how important internal divisions are to the failure of a social movement. What factors have changed since the s that might help account for that decline?

What are two possible solutions that movements can devise to counteract these "rational" tendencies to be a "free rider"?

Describe the major differences in the operations of collectivist and bureaucratic strands of feminist movement organizations.

In many of the issues we have considered, education has been a central, if not the central factor in understanding inequality in America. Cite three specific examples from our case studies of a crucial role allies i.

Provide at least two examples of how divisions threaten the success of a movement.English Final Exam. This question editable English test is perfect for end of the year final exams and beginning of the year pre-assessment.

This download is completely editable, and includes TWO VERSIONS of a question test, a comprehensive student study guide, and an answer4/5(). May 17,  · Final exam study questions (Spring ) These are questions that have been used in exams in the past.

The reading and class discussion this semester will cover many but not all of these. i Final Exam Study Questions. Iterations – what are they and why are they critically important in design? Reflection -- what is it and why is it critically important in design? Study 6 Final Exam Study Questions ~ Chapter flashcards from Fatou N.

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Final exam study questions
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