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To be specific, leadership in my case involves influencing others, improving nursing care, and role modelling NMC, It is also necessary for ensuring approved nurses are competent enough to guarantee patient safety.

Facilitating effective learning relationships. Additional information to support implementation of NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice. In addition, the supervisor may be reluctant to fail an incompetent learner due to perception that he process is too complex or general poor assessment, this also posed a challenge in my practice.

Furthermore, my speaking speeds need to be slowed to ensure effective communication.

However, it is imperative for a nurse to act in the best interest of the patient Price, which can best be achieved through autocratic approach to leadership.

These issues are enhanced in situations where a mentor fails to fail instances of incompetency among learners Myall et al. Furthermore, I did not clearly identify the outcomes of the assessment at the beginning of the assessment.

Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice.

Consequently, as much as the practice of assessment and mentorship is challenging and compound in nature, I believe that effective application of relevant knowledge and skills while focusing on the expected outcomes, it is possible to deliver efficiently in this function.

This portfolio outlines an assessment of the competency of a nursing student with regard to the appropriate use of pain assessment tools. Further, I considered this assessment to be a direct observation of a procedural skill where I was available during the whole process while offering feedbacks and assessments on the process NMC, Mini clinical assessment exercise offers an overview of student performance of key clinical skills.

There standards are defined by eight domains including: More so, there may be inconsistency in achievement, which affects the process of student assessment with regard to their fitness to practice NMC, The existing nursing standards that guide learning and assessment of students in practice offer frameworks for nursing mentors.

Therefore, successful implementation of student assessment require coordination between service providers and educators to ensure the assessment approach is appropriate in terms of its summative and formative perspectives which are imperative in promoting a working linkage between theory and practice Myall et al, I believe that if I eliminate the few areas of weakness that I have identified in the reflection, I will be able to offer effective mentorship and assessment for nursing students in clinical practice.

Nursing Standards In order to promote adherence to specific attributes that support assessment and learning in practice, the nursing standards offers specific guidelines that must be met by teachers, practice teachers and mentors NMC, Being able to share with other mentors about feedback can also expand my evaluation to the benefit of the student.

Consequently, more support to the nursing standards is needed to promote effectiveness of learning assessment for practice-based learning. Through demanding and instilling high standards of professionalism during assessments, practice-based learning makes sure that nursing students are able to effectively practice before they are registered as nurses Myall et al.

I considered this to be vital in the profession of nursing due to the importance of pain assessment skills in nursing care as it is classified as the fifth vital sign in nursing Murray et al. Common obstacles to mentorship such as staffing issues, hectic hospital environment, and clinical commitments influence my ability to perform as a mentor and hence the development of an effective relation with the student is essential Price, ; Appendix 2.

Related Introduction I am a registered nurse based in a ward that manages spinal and orthopaedic conditions among patients. The sustained pressure from clinical commitments and the limited time availability affects the process of student supervision and assessment during practice-based learning NMC, As much as I had previous encounter with the student, lack of enough background information hampered my effective participation in the growth of the student during the practice-based learning.

Furthermore, involvement of the patients and their families in the assessment of my students will be a major trademark of my mentorship and assessment program as I regard inputs by the patient vital to determining the competency of the student nurse.

I offered the student a feedback session with the aim of promoting proactive learning relation with the student Murray et al. The process of provision of the feedback considered developing a positive and constructive impact on the student to assist the student in building self-esteem, cultivating a positive working relationship as well as a supportive learning environment which are important aspects that reduces anxiety during nursing practice Myall et al, Based on the assessment and my individual reflections on the outcomes, I identified various areas of my practice that require improvement.

Therefore, I am determined to ensure that students that I mentor, assess and approve and fit and competent to service as nurses in their respective fields. Finally, mini peer assessments encompass a team of qualified professionals that offer feedback on the performance of an individual.

Due to the hectic nature of the nursing environment it is challenging to get time for developing a written feedback for the student however to enhance by mentorship capability I need to establish relationship with other mentors that is founded on sharing evaluation feedback as an approach to building my scope with regard to student evaluation.

To ensure the assessment was a success, I developed a plan that included a criterion for implementing the process as well as questions that were used for testing the levels of understanding exhibited by the learner.Within the essay I intend to explore the concepts of learning and assessment in my work place.

Gray () states that good mentors influence realistic expectations of the menti to. Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Registered Nurse Practice Introduction In this portfolio I intend to expose the requirement of PP of the process of facilitating learning and develop the skills of assessment as a registered nurse in the clinical practice.

Mentoring is a development skill that offers a chance to deliver skill and. Essay Assessment and Lifelong Learning Sector. Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Theory 2 This assignment will look at the four main areas of the Principles and Practice of Assessment, including different methods of assessment that are relevant to my own expertise and how they effectively meet the individual needs of my learners.

The NMC () standards support learning and assessment in practice; they outline the principles to be achieved in order to become a mentor.

It is also essential for mentors to maintain professional knowledge and skills and to reflect on experiences that facilitate learning. Facilitating Learning And Assessment In Practice.

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Facilitating learning and assessment in practice essay
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