Essay on judicious use of leisure time

It refreshes our brain. So the Government of a welfare state of today has a Ministry of Leisure to suggest ways to fruitfully spend spare time. Another object to gain, which a man works hard, is to have some leisure.

They are bored with mental activities as their brains are stimulated continuously in their job so they need to do something which is very different.

Look at the new cults that are taking birth every day e. This does not need to include a rigirous exercise routine but can include a walk to the park to get some fresh air. Leisure is like a double-edged sword which can be either used well or misused.

These activities should bebeneficial to the body and mind. Exhibition on television of westerns for the benefit of youngsters who have enough time to remain glued to their sets for hours on end has been instrumental in increasing the incidence of violence in public life.

It provides respite from the hectic schedule of daily routine. Things of the spirit just do not interest people seeking escape, in search of a way any way to forget them, or let they go for a few minutes. Article shared by Introduction: Some suggest that it is better to do activities that boost the mind like reading and solving word puzzles, whereas, in contrast, others want to relax their brain completely in their leisure time.

Or we may say, the sole purpose of work is to create leisure. A good start would be to create a list of activities they would like to accomplish. We live not to create work but to enjoy leisure. Every sensitive person wills naturally sympathies with such aspirations.

Each one is appropriate for various circumstances. One may spend this time in playing with children, J listening to their stories or in observing nature and birds.

This highlights the fact that play is as important as work. It is a famous saying that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. But the working population in many countries particularly in those, which are known as underdeveloped complains of lack of leisure. Book-lovers can turn over the pages of some favourite book.

They are blissfully unaware of the problems that leisure brings in its wake.

Essay on Leisure

There is perhaps even a book they have wanted to read. Man works for others to earn his livelihood. They do not do any useful thing during their spare-time. It is its use that makes it good or bad.

Once we have made a judicious selection, we can make our leisure really interesting, meaningful and worthwhile. He must have reserves to draw upon, must be able to plunge into strange, slow rivers of dream and reverie, and must be at heart a poet.

They are bored with mental activities as their brain are stimulated continuously for job so they need something which is really discrepant even contrast.

Leisure is pain; takes off our chariot wheels, how heavily we drag the load of life Blest leisure is our curse; like that of Cain, It makes us wander, wander earth around To fly that tyrant thought. Discuss two views and give your opinion. Whereas in contrast, others want to relax their brain completely in leisure time.

Somerset Maugm considers leisure as the most priceless thing a man can have.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Use And Abuse Of Leisure Time.

Leisure is the most important time in the human life. Because during his working hours, man does only the routine work. But great thoughts, great literary works, great theories and great inventions are the outcome of man’s leisure. words essay on the Leisure and it’s Uses.

Leisure means the time when one is free from one’s routine work. It is spare time. It is the time meant to be enjoyed or spent in rest or recreation.

One is free to pursue his pastime in leisure time. Leisure time gives relief from long hours of work. Essay on the problem of leisure for school children. One may believe it or not, but the most difficult task in the world is to do nothing.

383 words essay on the Leisure and it’s Uses

Yet that is how most men interpret leisure. One may believe it or not, but the most difficult task in the world is to do nothing. Yet that is how most men. Apr 19,  · [Essay] Use of leisure time If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. HOW DO I SPEND MY FREE TIME? Nowadays, some people consider that children have too much leisure time and in spite of wasting it, they should use it to do more school work. In my opinion, I think children should use their free time wisely to develop their skills not only in school work but also in their life.

Firstly, we all know that people cannot keep on working all the time.

Essay on judicious use of leisure time
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