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Between and this market share almost rose constantly from 2. So people again believed in the economy and started to buy more luxurious cars.

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But then, between and BMWs market share sank year after year. This is when the economy can be affected. But since in the s the world economy was hit by a series of deep crises with so many consequences BMW could be damaged too.

In BMW stopped producing Rover and sold this brand. Only in the growth was a little bit less steep. BMW was manufacturing their first series of hydrogen-fuelled cars. Vertically are the percentages, divided from 1. In this year the market share peaked at 3. People are getting anxious to consume and instead save their money when it is an economic crisis.

Since a new law was introduced in some countries, namely that commercial vehicles are taxed more than before. As BMW sales cars to different continents, they always have a certainty that not every part in the whole world is in an economic depression. In addition I could not guess to see such an expansion in the period ofbecause of my lack of knowledge of the intern functioning or production of BMW group, I think.

A worldwide crisis came up after the housing bubble and effected many markets. Economies are built on strong businesses with profitable ideas, products and services.

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They make significant contributions that help economies grow for generations to come. So even the environment was damaged.

Why Are Businesses So Important to a Country's Economy?

The economy of a country helps determine overall health and growth of a nation. People may not decide to make bigger purchases like a house or vehicle.

A comparison of the value maps of female and male complainants Authors: Also the environment was involved, because of their support to some banks that went bankrupt.Business Economics Discussion Questions Essay ´╗┐These are Discussion questions for Business Economics ward count for each question 1.

For many years (actually centuries), the dominant Christian church of the world forbade anyone to print a copy of the Bible in any language other than Latin. In business organizations and firms business economics plays a very important usefulness of business economics lies in adopting the tools from economic theory, incorporating relevant ideas from other fields to take better business decisions.

business economics serve as a catalytic agent in the. A farm is a primary sector business activity, which are firms engaged in industries like farming, fishing, oil extraction and others that extract natural resources so that they can be used and processed by other firms.

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Essay about business and economics
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