Control as a management tool

Hybrids are fertile, although their breeding seasons do not usually correspond to those of coyotes. The birth weight of calves born to first-calf heifers can be decreased by using calving-ease bulls, thus reducing birthing complications that often lead to coyote predation.

Sheep that are bedded about yards m or less in diameter, or are spread out not more than to yards to m along a ridge top, can usually be protected with EGs. Good fences, however, can be important in reducing predation, as well as increasing the effectiveness of other damage control methods such as snares, traps, or guarding animals.

Some coyotes were also excluded, but because more traps remained functional, the net result appeared to be an increase in coyote trapping efficiency.

They may seek shelter underground during severe weather or when closely pursued. Existing woven-wire livestock fence modified with electrified wire. With unlimited time, a person could trap almost any coyote. The advent of safe, high-energy chargers has led to the development of a variety of portable electric fences.

Conversely, goats or sheep that grazed apart from cattle, even those that were bonded, were readily preyed on by coyotes. Coyotes live in deserts, swamps, tundra, grasslands, brush, dense forests, from below sea level to high mountain ranges, and at all intermediate altitudes.

Resetting Traps and Checking Trap Sets. Because of human scent, coyotes are more difficult to catch with traps in wet or humid weather. Season and Location of Lambing or Calving.

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Place plastic baggies on each spring and mix table salt with dry soil or peat moss to cover the trap. This fact should be considered where fencing intersects migration corridors for wildlife.

This also gives orphaned and weak young a greater chance to survive. These wires should be offset outside the fence. Coyotes usually breed in February and March, producing litters about 9 weeks 60 to 63 days later in April and May.

Always place them in an open, flat area because of wind currents, dispersion of scent, and visibility. Pan and jaws should be level and flat.

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Clearing away weeds and brush from CRP areas may reduce predation problems since predators usually use cover in their approach to livestock.About Us.

Welcome to Q-ManagerĀ®! A place to find tasteful crowd control solutions to manage the public you serve! Q-ManagerĀ® was founded in with a mission to proffer superior solutions for their client's business needs. Robert N. Anthony is the Ross Graham Walker Professor Emeritus of Management Control at Harvard Business School.

Professor Anthony has been a director of Carborundum Company and Warnaco, Inc., both Fortune companies; for 25 years he has been a trustee of Colby College, including five years as chairman of the board.

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage chapter on coyote Canis latrans management and control by Jeffrey S.

Tool Control

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Control as a management tool
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