Care for girl child

Meanwhile, lectures were given to women to change their ideas about life and birth. Yao has only one daughter.

You may also be interested in: Byworldwide, there were around 2, events for Day of Girls. Avoid Spoiling Her Do not fulfill all her demands especially those that are far fetched. Do not distinguish between your girl child and boy child and pay right amount of attention to both.

A mixture of traditional and modern values will help your girl child develop her talents. The activities involve lectures to grandparents on gender equality to help them give up bias against girls.

One grandma told Zhu she already had one granddaughter, and had planned to abandon the second grandchild if it happened to be a girl. More boys were delivered in hospitals while girls were mostly born at Care for girl child boys were fed with better and more nutritious foods than girls; boys were sent to hospital more quickly when they got ill, while many girls were cared for at home and had to rely on their own resistance to illnesses.

She encourages all of them to learn her lesson and have only one child no matter if it is a boy or a girl.

Girl child is special and needs special care. With funding from the US Ford Foundation and local government, they set up a Women Development Fund through which they made small loans to women and taught them income-generating farming and by-products production technology.

He also asked for policies in favour of families with only girls to solve their living and production difficulties. By then, nothing could be done at all," she stresses.

They paid visits to families with girls, once every six months, in order to better protect the girls. President Hu Jintao, at a national meeting on environment and population in March, also stressed the significance of dealing with the birth imbalance. And the husbands enjoy the same rights as other men in the village in terms of land allocation and other welfare affairs.

They also concluded that low fertility resulting from rapid socio-economic development and family planning programmes was a conditional factor. Do a good job and help her get familiar with traditions and culture. Fulfill their needs based on their requirements and not on their genders.

In olden times, birth of a girl child was considered as a good omen and a sign of entry of Goddess Laxmi in the house. Caring and planning Some people say that once the family planning policy is abolished, the gender balance will stabilize. Persuade Her to Be Physically Active Help her get involved in any kind of physical activity and play games she likes.'Care For Girls' gaining momentum (China Daily) Updated: It is a common impression that grandmothers in rural China embrace the feudal preference for large families with many sons.

International Day of the Girl Child

This inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and unfree child marriage. Wikimedia Commons has media related to International Day of the Girl Child.

References. On October 10,participants joined CARE CEO Michelle Nunn for the inaugural CARE Walk for Lasting Change, commemorating International Day of the Girl and walking through the heart of Atlanta in solidarity with girls around the world.

CARE focuses on improving girls’ education around the world. You can help too by making a donation today!

Skip to main Invest in a Girl's Future. Girls’ education is the single best investment we can make to fight poverty. The Barrier of Child Marriage. Girl child is special and needs special care.

Raising a girl child is a very big responsibility on parents. In olden times, birth of a girl child was considered as a good omen and a sign of entry of Goddess Laxmi in the house.

Care of girl child 1. Care for Girl ChildIf there was one malaise that affectswomen worldwide, it would be theirtendency to place their needs and healthconcerns last, keeping their family’sneeds first and foremost.

Care for girl child
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